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Resolving energetic imbalances in your home or workspace that can lead to ill health or unhappy relationships

Another title for this work is geomancy, an ancient practice linked to feng shui - which is something more of us have heard of perhaps? Healing your home or work space involves testing or dowsing for features that may be disrupting the free flow of energy in a  place as well as finding and clearing disruptive entities or energy patterns from past events.

The work can involve a site visit or can be done using maps and ground plans. Either way the feeling of a place before and after is very different and should allow the people and animals living there a happier existence.

" The initial home and space check is £40 and requires a floor plan and ground plan - a basic hand drawn one is sufficient. The work needed will be assessed from this and will range in cost from £80 for most homes and offices up to £300 for larger properties such as farms."

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