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The work starts with the troublesome symptom and through muscle testing, I discover what needs to be rebalanced, detoxified or offered as support. Typically the presenting problem may be  allergy, migraine, ibs,  recurrent infections, low mood, tiredness or fertility issues. It is a unique and very effective system of work.

Following information taking, I will test the number of sessions needed and let you know (usually between 1-3). I will set a time to work for you remotely from my therapy room in East Yorkshire and feedback  the notes from the session with any actions beneficial for you to take to support your own healing. Remote work allows for the super-concentration needed for the work and for me to support clients wherever they are.

Each session is £60.00 payable on the day the work is done ( via bank transfer).

As I prefer to spend time running sessions than sending reminders I'm  grateful to leave clients to complete payment and send me confirmation.

Energy Medicine Session: Services
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