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Welcome! I've been working in Energy Medicine since training as a Health Kinesiologist a number of years ago after I found the benefits for my self and my family to be game changing. I work with clients in my treatment room in Cherry Burton in East Yorkshire (or via Zoom if clients are unable to travel here or prefer it).

I listen to what's said by the client very closely both in our initial brief chat and more importantly using muscle testing - where the body gets to speak for itself.

My experience has led me to extend my services to healing homes and other spaces that are impacting the well being of clients including their physical and mental health  as well as impacting on relationships. It is very hard to be well if you live or work in a sick building.

I also teach, speak and write on the subject of Energy Medicine  - including the book Energy Medicine Symbols written to help people do to their own energy work in an accessible and powerful way.

I'm happy to talk to see if it would be a food fit for us to work together.

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